card060611_noBkgHere at the Circle of Alpha and Omega we believe that each person has a special role to play in the evolution of consciousness.

Individually and collectively we are involved in the process of moving all creation into the Oneness.  Thus how we live our individual lives is extremely important.

Obviously there are many aspects to our living one’s daily live. The Circle of Alpha and Omega focus on two very important aspects of daily life. One is the celebration of important events of our lives. The second is learning how to live our daily lives in a nonviolent way.

It is our belief that it is very important to important events of our lives by creating our own rituals that celebrate and honor these events. For more information about this please visit www.thecyclesoflife.com

The second aspect is learning to live more nonviolently in our daily life which concerns finding ways to be less violent to ourselves, others and the planet on which we live. For more information about this please visit www.livingnonviolently.com.